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YUMEX solve with indispensable light, life and support of various business or daily life, can be more relief in sight-but and convenient.

With high technical support information society

Step for all industries around quite a contribution, we provide the light, and your relationship is in life.

With the important information, the computer is blossoming.

Computers used in printed circuit board and semiconductor, LCD industry... Etc, which are provided by using YUMEX technology.

The exposure device... Such as the use of the light of the street, makes computers can more quickly turn good information processing.

Just like the nature of intelligence information personal computers and the Internet... Such as the generalization of the same provides many contributions.

The mobile phone to create more possibilities

YUMEX technology is also used in the modern life of mobile phone.

Commercial use or daily life use of communication products, the high performance mobile phone function.

YUMEX technology by use of printed circuit boards in the mobile phone.

In the performing arts and entertainment

In a mature society, used to adjust the existing music in culture and life and a wide variety of media... And so on.

To video of machinery, equipment or printing related equipment, has a great importance.

YUMEX technology is on the way of radiation device... Etc., has made great contributions in technology.